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Always Think Up is a place to go, where judgement doesn’t exist.  Its a place for high vibration, and attracting abundance, love, and bliss!  Thinking up isn’t something that you want to do here and there.  It is something that can bring you things you wish for and surround you with people that really care.  I am hard-core holistic.  I believe in the energy of the Earth and sky.  When I have a serious question, I look inside of me for the Why? Thinking up is thinking in, reflecting into self.  Getting rid of any tension, creating abundant health.  

Thinking up is creating, YOUR most precious life.  You create your passion, or you can change your strife.  Sometimes you can feel like, you feel desire in your soul.  And you have no one to turn to.  Always Think Up is the tribe to go.  This is a place to come to, to raise your spirit up.  A place to bring ideas, and fill them up with love.  You are your creator, your life is a gift.  Raise your vibration up my friend.  And spirit will bring you all you wish.  I respect and honor all religion, but I’m here to tell you this.  God gave me this spirit, He brought me here to up-lift!  He surrounded me in healing, He gave me a special gifts.  He gave me the courage to ask for it.  He fills up my spirit, so its full to give.

 I believe in God, chakras, and energy.  And many other things.  I believe I am protected by my friends who now have wings.  I believe that angels surround us, and vibration is very real.  I know that in this life, you attract all of what you feel.  I know that God can heal us, this is very personal to me.  You can call Him what you wish, His truth will set you free.  We weren’t sent down to this Earth, to be perfect to the man.  We were sent here to this world, to create and to expand.  I have learned about healing in so many ways.  I want to share it all, but I don’t know what YOU need unless you say.  Healing is just something that we do to be whole.  There are so many ways, because there are so many souls.  Each of us uniquely connected as one, trying to be whole.  Healing can be rough sometimes, but it is mostly fun!  Energy is real my friends, you get what you think.

 I want to share this all with you tell me what you think!   Email me or message me, bring me whats on your mind.  Ill try and help you the best I can,  to reach inside and raise your vibration high!  When your thinking in abundance, all of it is a gift.  Sometimes all you really need is an energetic lift.  This can be a form of prayer, a thought, or bodywork.  This could be getting big groups together, trying to raise vibration up!  Let me know all you know, lets do something great!  Lets get together, tell me, and its a date!

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